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BC-Aquamarine-3, Ozerkovskaya nab., 22/24, Moscow
Around the clock!

Scout to the KUPIDON agency

Do you easily get in touch with people and are you interested in the fashion industry? Then these two qualities make you ideally suited for the position of a model scout in the KUPIDON agency! Now we are looking for active and purposeful girls who want to try themselves as a scout.

If you are ready to learn something new, then leave your application for consideration right now.


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Working conditions for a model scout:

Salary starts at 250,000 rubles and above.

Official job

Active work, negotiations and meetings

Closeness to the fashion industry

Work experience and educational level are not important.

Rapid career advancement

Many positive impressions and new acquaintances

Working as a model scout in Moscow

Working as a model scout at the KUPIDON agency in Moscow is an excellent opportunity not only to improve your communication skills, but also to get closer to the fashion industry, make new acquaintances and have useful connections. By the way, our scouts started their careers as a part-time job, and then completely left to work for us.

We are looking for new model scouts to join our team - sociable, friendly and ambitious girls. Work experience and educational level are not important. After all, the main thing in working as a scout is personal qualities and a desire to reach great heights, for which you will receive a really high salary.

Работа модельным скаутом в Москве

To make sure you're the right fit for us, you have to meet our simple requirements:

Age over 18

Stress tolerance

High communication skills and pleasant demeanor

Ready to work with constant communication

Interest in modeling and communicating with people from this area

Desire to work for the result and become the best

Cooperation with experienced scouts

If you are already an experienced scout and you liked our conditions and you want to become a part of a friendly team, and are also ready to surprise everyone with your amazing communication skills, then we will be glad to cooperate with you. Individual conditions, high salary, pleasant activities, and new goals every day - if all this is interesting to you, then leave your application right now!

Being a model scout for the KUPIDON agency is prestigious, exciting, and highly demanded.


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Опытный модельный скаут из агентства KUPIDON